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Deeds That Can Get You Suspended from eBay

By Marsha Collier

Playing by eBay’s rules keeps you off the eBay’s Security radar screen. If you start violating eBay policy, the company is going to keep a close eye on you. Depending on the infraction, eBay may be all over you like jelly on peanut butter. Or you may safely lurk in the fringes until your feedback rating is lower than the temperature in Nome in November.

Here’s a docket of eBay no-no’s that can get a member’s permanent record damaged — and the member possibly suspended:

  • Feedback rating of –4

  • Three instances of deadbeat bidding with three different sellers

  • Repeated warning for the same infraction

  • Feedback extortion

  • Bid shielding

  • Unwelcome bidding after a warning from the seller

  • Shill bidding

  • Auction interception

  • Fee avoidance

  • Fraudulent selling

  • Identity misrepresentation

  • Bidding when younger than age 18

  • Hacking

  • Physical threats

If you get a suspension but think you’re innocent, respond directly to the person who suspended you to plead your case. Reversals do occur. Don’t broadcast your suspicions online. If you’re wrong, you may regret it. Even if you’re right, it’s bad form.

Be careful about accusing members of cheating. Unless you’re involved in a transaction, you don’t know all the facts. Law & Order moments are great on television, but they’re fictional for a reason. In real life, drawing yourself into a possible confrontation is senseless. Start the complaint process, keep it businesslike, and let eBay’s staff figure out what’s going on.