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Joining Cause Marketing Forums

By Joe Waters, Joanna MacDonald

Whether you’re a cause or a company that’s based in the United States or another country, you should visit the Cause Marketing Forum website and become a member.

Cause Marketing Forum, Inc. (CMF) was founded in 2002 with the goal of increasing the number of cause marketing partnerships by giving nonprofits and businesses the practical information and connections they need to succeed.

David Hessekiel founded the organization after years of volunteering for good causes and a career in journalism, publishing, and consumer marketing.

There’s just one word to describe what David has accomplished and the tremendous resource CMF is to companies and causes: remarkable.

Just by visiting the Cause Marketing Forum site, you have free access to its Knowledge Center, which contains Cause Marketing 101, Research & Reports, and Newsletter Archives. These three areas alone are invaluable to budding and seasoned cause marketers!


If you become a member of Cause Marketing Forum, you get a bunch of additional benefits:

  • You get free access to its live teleconference series by cause marketing masters. These sessions are taught by some of the best people in cause marketing and are only a phone call away from your home or office.

  • Missed a teleconference? No problem. They’re archived for members on the Cause Marketing Forum website. You can listen to the one you missed and even to the ones that were recorded before you joined whenever you want.

  • You get the Cause Marketing Forum newsletter every month with the latest news and insights. Sure, you could wait a month or more and read it in the CMF archives, but if you’re serious about cause marketing and want the latest news, information, and insights, you’ll want this fresh from the Cause Marketing Forum team.

(The rates of membership vary depending on whether you’re joining as an individual, a group, or a company. There’s something for every price point. See the Cause Marketing Forum site for details.)

With membership, you’ll also receive a discount on Cause Marketing Forum’s annual conference, which usually occurs the first week of June in Chicago. If you’re a cause marketer, this conference is on your calendar and circled in red!

The conference is helpful in three important ways.

  • A main part of the conference is the Halo Awards, which recognize some of the best cause marketing campaigns of the past year. The awards are given for just about every category you can imagine: best transactional campaign, best digital marketing campaign, best video creative, and so on. It’s inspiring and educational to hear about all these great campaigns and to meet the people behind them.


  • There’s simply no other place besides the Cause Marketing Forum conference where you’ll meet so many people from cause marketing! In many ways, cause marketing is still very much a niche industry. And while it’s growing, there are few dedicated forums where cause marketers can meet, talk, and learn from each other. Thankfully, the Cause Marketing Forum conference is one of them.

  • After awards and networking, the Cause Marketing Forum conference is very much about education. It offers breakout sessions on everything from cause marketing legal issues to working with celebrities to using social media. This is hands-on training and learning delivered by experts to peers that will fuel your cause marketing efforts for a whole year.