Cause Marketing Prospect Touchpoints - dummies

Cause Marketing Prospect Touchpoints

By Joe Waters, Joanna MacDonald

In working with a cause marketing prospective company, you always want to find ways to make it less transactional and more meaningful. That’s where touchpoints come in handy. Touchpoints are the intersections of where your company and cause overlap, eliciting a positive response.

For example, a powerful touchpoint is to invite a prospect to tour your nonprofit (or sometimes the company may invite you to tour their operation) so that they can see firsthand the incredible work you’re doing. This touchpoint certainly increases your chances of getting to yes with a prospect.

But immersing a potential partner into your cause is just one of the touchpoints you can leverage. Some others include

  • Building a connection between a prospect and a board member or other supporter whom the prospect may already know or respect. This approach gives you another ally in the sales process.

  • Targeting businesses that work directly with your organization. The waters can be tricky to navigate because of the conflict of interest business partners pose, but unlike most businesses, they probably truly understand and appreciate what your organization does. That’s a touchpoint you want to leverage.

  • Offer to be helpful in any way — and not just in a way that benefits you. For example, a potential partner may contact you to ask for advice on some topic where you have demonstrated expertise. You should be happy to assist as this kind of situation builds a stronger bond and relationship with the prospect and.

    Recently, a cause marketing partner of was interested in switching its loyalty program from a card-based program to one using location-based services like Foursquare. Working with the company was a great opportunity to build a better bond that would lead to stronger cause marketing ties down the road.