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Using Your Cause to Build Relationships with Millennials

By Corey Padveen

Relationships drive Millennial buying decisions and inspire loyalty. The price may have a lot to do with the timing of the buying cycle, but ultimately a relationship can be the deciding factor. When you tie in the importance that Millennials place on cause affiliation, you can say with certainty that cause marketing can push your relationships with Millennial consumers forward.

You can leverage your cause in your communications strategies to build your relationships with Millennial consumers:

  • Integrating the cause message on your website: Consider calling attention to the cause from a stand-alone section on the website that your audience can access from the main menu or from embedded links in your home page content. You also want to feature your involvement with the cause wherever you can on your site content. If you have a scrolling home page banner, you can dedicate one of the slides to the cause you’re working with.
  • Adding donation options across multiple channels: You can place donation options on your website in email forms using a tool like Constant Contact or on social channels, such as Facebook. The more you showcase the option to donate, the clearer you make it to your audience that you’re invested in the cause and aren’t being opportunistic.
    Constant Contact
    Constant Contact allows users to create donation campaigns.
  • Developing a cause-specific content strategy: While you may have ongoing elements, such as donation buttons, running across various media to call attention to your selected cause, a content strategy that pushes the cause is a useful way to move your cause marketing efforts forward. This content needs to be the ultimate in soft-selling strategies.
  • Participating in trending movements or events that call attention to a cause: When you participate in a trend, it humanizes your brand. When you determine that your brand’s participation would be acceptable and welcomed, you can bolster your relationship with other participating Millennials by showcasing that you’re more than a profit-centric organization.