The Benefits of YouTube Video Hosting for Social CRM - dummies

The Benefits of YouTube Video Hosting for Social CRM

By Kyle Lacy, Stephanie Diamond, Jon Ferrara

When you are evaluating how to distribute and host your videos for Social CRM, you may want to consider YouTube where you can do both at the same time. Its built-in features make it worth considering. You can host a video in a variety of places that don’t have distribution. What makes YouTube valuable is that they have a huge waiting audience to which you can distribute videos.

The benefits of using YouTube for video distribution include the following:

  • There aren’t many restrictions on topic. After you register for a subscription, the site accepts videos on almost any subject. That’s great news for businesses whose videos may not be about exciting topics.

  • Signing up is free. You don’t pay a fee, but your videos are public.

  • You can create your own channel. You can brand your own channel with your colors and logos.


  • You save storage costs. You can send customers to view your videos on YouTube instead of incurring the cost of storing videos on your own site.

  • Your customers can subscribe to all your videos or select one and add it to their Favorites list. Your customers can sign up to receive notices about new videos so that you can keep them updated.

  • Built-in analytics are available. If you post a product video or a video on another topic that you want to track, you can see how many people watched and accessed other measures of your video’s success by using YouTube’s built-in tools.

  • The site offers a huge audience. You may find new customers when people search the site for your topic; YouTube is one of the top websites.

Of course, using a no-fee public service like YouTube to host your videos has downsides. For example, if you assign an employee to manage the YouTube site, you need to make sure you have the password as well, or that you can get in if the employee is unavailable.