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How to Compile and Follow Twitter Lists

By Kyle Lacy

If you are using Twitter as a marketing tool, you will want to take advantage of Twitter lists. The launch of Twitter lists provides you with a way to organize the people you’re following on Twitter and to find new people to follow to maximize your use of the tool. Compiling and following lists gives you the ability to follow multiple people and get an overview of what they are sharing through the twitosphere.

These are the best ways to use the lists feature:

  • Create an Experts List: You can use lists to help highlight individuals that share thoughtful content or help you in your online endeavors. If you are already an expert, it could help you with solidifying the fact that you are indeed a tech/Twitter expert.

  • Customer Rewards List: Create a list to help promote your clients! This is a huge opportunity to help your clients connect with like minded individuals and makes you look good as well!

  • Create a list for your Location: Lists centered on a specific location are extremely powerful because they group different people together from one area. If you know a ton of people who love attending a specific restaurant create a list for that specific restaurant. Another idea would be to create lists around your extracurricular activities, such as church or softball.

By creating, compiling, and following lists in your area of expertise, you have the ability to grow your following and knowledge base. However, you will eventually become overwhelmed with the amount of content being produced and now is the time to use Listorious.

Twitter lists can become pretty overwhelming if you do not have a system to categorize, track, add, and link to different lists. Listorious offers a well segmented directory of lists as well as tagged searches based on keywords.


Listorious offers a collection of lists across various categories, such as marketing, media, social media, finance, humor, and auto repair. Lists are ranked by how many people follow them, which gives you the ability to see the popular lists on Twitter.

Listorious will only work for Twitter users who have lists that have been made public. Be sure you make your lists public before using Listorious!

Twitter was investigating the amount of power individual niche lists would create on their platform. After seeing the success from the lists application, they have started to create specific applications for business use on Twitter, including the Twitter Business Center and Promoted Tweets.