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How to Build Your Audience on Google+

By Jesse Stay

Posting frequently and measuring response are the best ways to build your audience on Google+ company page. The better the content you share, and the more of it you share, the more people will +1 and share your content — and the more people will discover you.

If posting regularly and targeting posts where you can isn’t helping you build your audience appropriately on Google+, try these options:

  • Use people to share your page. You’ll always see the best response on Google+ if you focus on people more than you do your brand. Get your employees and your Google+ customers out there promoting your new Google+ page. The more they talk about it, the more their friends will want it in their circles. Your page audience will naturally grow and become a complement to your existing audience.

  • Engage your audience. If they’ve already added your page to their circles, build a relationship with people. Highlight your most passionate or influential fans in some way. The more you can establish a meaningful relationship with your fans and customers, the more they’ll stick around and share your page with their friends.

  • Start a Hangout or two. Hangouts are a great way to engage your audience and build awareness around your page. Since Hangouts appear on the side of Google+ amongst the friends in the Hangout, invite a few influencers to your Hangout and broadcast the Hangout via the On Air feature. A large audience has the potential of discovering the Hangout your page started — leading them to discovering your page.

  • Integrate Google+ Badges in your website. Adding to your website a Badge that links back to your Google+ page can be a great way of leveraging your existing website audience. Take advantage of your existing channels as much as you can to promote your new Google+ page.

  • Consider a Google AdWords advertisement of your page. Google isn’t pushing this capability a lot right now, but there’s no reason you can’t do it. Consider creating a Google Ad Words campaign. You pay to advertise your Google+ Page for select keywords. You’ll want to measure whether this converts well for you. If it doesn’t accomplish your goals, you may not want to spend much money on this approach.