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How to Avoid Spam on Your Google+ Marketing Page

By Jesse Stay

The more you notify people on Google+, the more easily your posts could be deemed spam, so avoid those posts. It’s important to note a couple of rules as you participate on Google+, just to be sure you don’t get ignored or blocked.

Here’s a good list to keep in mind:

  • Don’t comment on every single post an individual makes. Although commenting helps a person remember your name, doing it too much will likely backfire. He could ignore or block you as a result. Instead, reply sparingly, and focus on building up and helping the individual whose posts you’re commenting on.

  • Use the Notify About This Post option sparingly. The more you force a notification on other users, the more you come across as a spammer. Use this feature only for posts that you think they’ll truly find interesting. Look for things they’ve asked for — and mention in the post why you’re sending the notification.

  • Don’t reply if your comment isn’t related to the original post. Keep in mind this general definition of spamming: anything that isn’t related to the general topic at hand. If you want to start a new topic with an individual, post something new in your own stream, and add that individual to the targeted recipients. Or wait for those folks to post something related to your topic.

  • Never mention individuals only to get their attention about something they never asked for in the first place. If they didn’t ask for it, it’s spam — period. Instead, try to find things that help build up and strengthen the individual, and share those. You’ll get a much better response that way.