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Guidelines for Managing Your Reputation on Twitter

By Kyle Lacy

When you run a Twitter marketing campaign take special care with your reputation. After all, how your Twitter followers perceive of you is an important factor in making your business successful. Your reputation on Twitter is how your customers and potential customers perceive you. If you have a reputation for bad customer service, people will avoid you. If you have a reputation for great value, people will seek you out.

Do you provide useful, helpful information, or are you an Internet troll who flames everyone who slightly disagrees with you? The helpful people get new business and referrals from clients and social-networking friends. Everyone avoids and refuses to do business with the trolls, regardless of the quality of their products or their prices.

The general rule for personal reputation management is this: Don’t say anything online that you wouldn’t say in front of your mother or want printed on the front page of The Wall Street Journal.

The following list provides a few rules to remember when it comes to managing your corporate reputation:

  • Train your best, friendliest employees in how to properly use Twitter and other social media. Some people just seem to have a personality for this kind of work and take to it easily.

  • Also, train those employees in how to communicate with the public. Not everyone can communicate with the public. Train your employees in how to deal with the public so that you don’t run into a situation where you have to clean up after them when they mismanage a conflict with a customer.

  • Have your employees use their own names, instead of posing as the company. Using their own names keeps them a little more honest and friendlier. They may take more care to be polite if they know that not only their current employer, but also future employers, can see what they do.

  • Act above board in all things, tell the truth, and be fair to your customers. If you don’t, people will talk about it, and you’ll have to spend too much time trying to repair the damage (if you can pick up the broken pieces).