Prioritize Activities and Resources for Social CRM - dummies

Prioritize Activities and Resources for Social CRM

By Kyle Lacy, Stephanie Diamond, Jon Ferrara

In order to build a sustainable and scalable social CRM program, you must prioritize activities with dedicated resources in mind. We’ve talked a lot about the philosophy of social CRM, social business, and the social customer. Also, we’ve reiterated that an approach to this new philosophy requires patience for long-term outcomes. You’re building relationships, not just grabbing for transactions.

Implementing a social CRM system doesn’t have to overwhelm your organization’s resources or budget. It requires some prioritizing in order to start. Determine the best place to spend your time and money by considering what your customers are showing you. The following questions can help you start prioritizing tasks associated with implementing your social CRM plan:

  • What are the top five social media channels that reach your audience? It’s impossible to actively engage on every social media site, so take stock of where the majority of your customers already are. This will likely include sites like Twitter and Facebook, but you may find other niche networks as well. Don’t be afraid to join these, they could end up being a better fit for your brand.

  • When do your customers interact most regularly throughout the day? You might think that your customers check social media first thing in the morning, but step back and get inside their heads for a moment. Are they at work? Driving kids to school? They may prefer to engage with your brand in off hours. Experiment with different times to publish content, and don’t feel confined to traditional office hours.

  • Within your organization, who interacts the most with your customers? If it isn’t the same team responsible for social CRM, find these people. Talk to them. Chances are that they’ll have great customer insight. Knowing the most common questions they’re asked can help you better prepare the social team.

  • Where have you identified a need to expand your social media strategies? Look at what competitors are doing, as well as brands you’d like to emulate, and then make sure that you have a real need to take on a new task or expand into a certain site — don’t go there just because it’s what everyone else is doing.

  • Are niche social networking sites reaching your ideal customer? Smaller, targeted sites can be great, but only if your customers are actually on them. Beware of sites that are too niche. Sometimes, Facebook really is the best place to be based on sheer numbers alone.

  • How are your customers engaging socially? Notice whether they’re asking questions or perhaps commenting on a particular type of content more often?

    For instance, if you discover that your photographs attract more interactions than other types of content, dedicate staff who can capture interesting photos. Begin analyzing your current social media content to look for patterns of response and engagement, and build on what you find. Adapt to your customers’ desires by providing more of the content they engage with or share, and phasing out posts that don’t elicit a response.

After considering these questions, brainstorm and ask numerous questions to determine how your resources will be best put to use in social CRM.