Lead Generation through Facebook: Tracking Your Results - dummies

Lead Generation through Facebook: Tracking Your Results

By Dayna Rothman

Facebook provides great analytics through their Page Insights. There you can track engagement and ad performance directly in their dashboard. Your Facebook Page Insights dashboard and Admin panel appear at the top of your Facebook company page. To dial down deeper into your analytics, click the See Insights button that appears on the top of your Admin panel.


The first overview Facebook provides is on your reach and engagement metrics. You can see your total Likes, the People Talking About This metric, and your Weekly Total Reach. Make note of whether these numbers are trending up or down — hopefully they’re trending up! The following figure shows an example of this dashboard. The bottom line is Posts, the middle line is People Talking About This, and the top line is Weekly Total Reach.


You can also measure reach by demographics and location — you can see what countries, cities, and age groups you are most popular in. Additionally, you can break down your People Talking About This metric even further by looking at the same demographics, as shown in the following figure.


You can even dive down into the details of each post and look at how many engaged users you have, how many people are talking about each post, the reach, and the virality. This is important so you can compare and contrast how your content is performing on Facebook. Take a look at the following figure, which shows an example of how Facebook breaks these details out.