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Defining Your SEO Measurements and Analytics for Lead Generation

By Dayna Rothman

In order to appear on the first page of Google so that leads can find your company immediately, your website needs strong search engine optimization (SEO). Not all companies garner immediate name recognition, and even those that do still use SEO methods to introduce themselves to new audience

To determine how successful your SEO strategy is at attracting leads and increasing your position in Google’s rankings, you need a solid set of metrics. But first, you need to make sure you are benchmarking by measuring where you rank when you begin your SEO efforts so you know how far you have come:

  • Search engine ranking: For each keyword, determine where you are ranking now, and make sure you keep track of rank as you increase the level of your SEO strategy over time. Note when you dip, and note when you climb. You should keep tabs on activity for all of the three major search engines (Google, Bing, and Yahoo!).

  • Referring visits: This is a log of all the traffic sources to your site. You want to look at direct navigation (when someone types in your URL directly), referral traffic (traffic coming from links on another website), and search traffic (traffic coming from any of the three major search engines).

  • Keyword phrase traffic: Which keywords are sending traffic to your site? Are your efforts surrounding your top keywords bringing in more traffic? Or do you need to do something different? Also see what keywords you might not be targeting that bring in heavy traffic.

  • Conversion rates: In the spirit of lead generation, you want to figure out who is converting from which keywords. You might need an SEO-specific tool to figure out this data, but ultimately you need to determine which keywords are converting and which aren’t out of all of the traffic coming to your site from a search engine. That data can help you to determine where you should be spending your time.

  • Specific page traffic: Which of your pages is getting the most traffic from search engines? And are these pages the right pages? You can also look at indexing by seeing whether Google is indexing your pages properly by doing a simple search to see where and how your page shows up. And if Google isn’t, you need to work on determining why.