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Is There an Awareness Gap in Your Marketing?

By Alexander Hiam

Are prospective customers even aware that you exist? If not, then you need to bump up your marketing communications and get in front of them somehow to reduce or eliminate the awareness gap, which is the percentage of people in your target market who are unaware of your offerings and their benefits.

If only one in ten prospective customers knows about your brand, then you have a 90 percent awareness gap and need to get the word out to a lot more people.

If you need to communicate with customers more effectively and often, you have some options for bumping up the impact of your marketing communications and reducing the awareness gap:

  • You can put in more time. For example, if customers lack knowledge about your product, more sales calls can help fill this awareness gap.

  • You can spend more money. More advertisements help fill your awareness gap, but of course, they cost money.

  • You can communicate better. A strong, focused marketing program with clear, consistent, and frequent communications helps fill the awareness gap with information and a positive brand image, which then allows interest and purchase levels to rise significantly.

    See the figure for a graphic that illustrates the awareness gap, and consider creating your own graph in the same format to see how big your awareness gap is. (Communicating better is a great approach, because it substitutes to some degree for time and money.)


  • You can become more popular. Sometimes you can create a buzz of talk about your product. If people think it’s really cool or exciting, they may do some of the communicating for you, spreading the news by word of mouth and via social media (this is sometimes referred to as viral marketing). If your customers are active on any social media, then you need to be, too.