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Developing Your Inbound Marketing Plan Timeline

By Scott Anderson Miller

In your inbound marketing plan, you’ve written a timeline overview that can be broken up into manageable segments. By breaking your annual plan into 3-month sprints and then working backward from your 12-month objectives, your inbound marketing efforts will be more nimble.

Here’s a simple way to break down your objectives:

  • Annual: What objectives does your inbound marketing plan need to achieve in the next 12 months?

  • Quarterly: Shared Strategic Blueprints (SSBs) — these three-month mini-plans are actually the most important components of your plan. What marketing milestones do you need to achieve in order to successfully achieve your annual goal?

  • Monthly: Are you on track to achieve your three-month objectives? Which of your inbound marketing efforts are performing and which are under-achieving? Monitor the under-achievers to spot trends and adjust accordingly.

  • Weekly: Develop a weekly report to track progress on each of your inbound efforts. Stay in front of any delays so you can substitute alternative initiatives if so required.

  • Daily: Depending on your size, some inbound metrics should be tracked daily. At the very least, look at your inbound dashboard to see if your visitors, leads, and other conversion metrics are on course. Inbound initiatives like PPC should be monitored on a daily basis to track input.