How to Find a Leader for Your Social CRM - dummies

How to Find a Leader for Your Social CRM

By Kyle Lacy, Stephanie Diamond, Jon Ferrara

For true social CRM success, identify a social leader to drive the cultural change from sales to experience. This organizational leader will coach, mentor, empower, and support the overall social business model being deployed within your organization.

With a leader in place, you’ll have a better chance of creating a consistent experience for your audiences and customers. The idea is to transform your business model and culture. Then leverage technologies to support that transformation. Ultimately, you’re embracing a model that will foster more direct relationships with your customers.


Of course, the exact job description for this role varies by company and industry, but here are a few characteristics and skills required to be an effective social media leader:

  • First and foremost, the candidate must be well-versed in all the social media platforms you currently use or are planning to join.

  • The candidate should also have experience with tracking and analytics, and be open to the idea of proving social ROI and providing measurable results for campaigns.

  • In order to lead your whole organization, your social media leader must be able to clearly communicate the benefits of social media within the organization.

  • Additionally, the leader must be prepared to explain how each social platform works, and stay up to date on new advancements.

  • Writing skills are essential for communicating quickly and clearly with customers, and the leader must be able to think on her feet. Social media conversations move at a rapid pace, so choose someone who can keep up.

  • Finally, your social media leader must be well-versed in your brand, or a quick learner who’s ready to jump right in and become an expert on your organization right away. Social CRM keeps brand leaders on their toes, so choose someone who can respond to customers quickly.

During the hiring process, don’t be afraid to look at candidates’ social media profiles and ask them about the brands they follow. Look for communications, advertising, marketing, public relations, or English majors, but don’t discount other backgrounds. Prior experience is a plus, but make sure the candidate is ready to discard old habits and start fresh.