Fulfilling the Customer Journey with Salesforce Marketing Cloud - dummies

Fulfilling the Customer Journey with Salesforce Marketing Cloud

By Chester Bullock, Mark Pollard

You can implement various bits and pieces of your campaigns individually with all the apps available in Marketing Cloud. However, to bring the components together into seamless customer journeys, you need to use the Journey Builder app.


As you will understand when you get there, you have choices about how to structure the customer data you store. You can use the more simplistic list model, or you can implement relational database tables called data extensions. Journey Builder requires that you use the data extension model, so keep that in mind when you get to that point in your process.


Your customer journey can include messages through only email or through additional channels as well. You have to decide how you want to reach your customers.

Marketing Cloud supports messaging through the following channels:

  • Email
  • SMS messages
  • Social networks
  • Advertisements
  • Web pages

Using the Marketing Cloud API, you could also use additional channels not listed here. The Marketing Cloud API is a set of tools that developers can use to access Marketing Cloud functionality using code. The API is outside the scope of this book.


Using Journey Builder to manage your customer journeys automates them. Automation is critical for setting a program that runs in perpetuity or for a short duration at a scheduled time.

Automation frees you to do other things and keeps data flowing, but it’s a drastic mental shift for marketers accustomed to controlling the sending of messages by hand. Prepare yourself psychologically to automating your processes!

Preparing to use Marketing Cloud

You’re just about ready to open Salesforce Marketing Cloud and begin using its powerful tools. In addition to this book, you should take advantage of the excellent training resources that Marketing Cloud offers as well as the online help system, which is available via a link in the Marketing Cloud interface.

Getting access to Marketing Cloud

All that’s left is to get your user credentials, log in to Marketing Cloud, and get started. If you don’t already have your user credentials, contact your Salesforce representative for help. When you’re ready, log in and let’s take a tour.