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Digital Marketing: 5 Ways to Capitalize on the Timely with Your Blog Posts

By Ryan Deiss, Russ Henneberry

Timely blog posts detail the latest information on a subject. As a digital marketer. you need commitment to stay timely in some niches, but if you can pull it off, timely news is among the most effective blog content you can create because you will be one of the first to have new information out there.

If you find that keeping up with the latest news and trends is too daunting a task, consider creating a series of posts that publishes timely information once per week. Following are five blog post ideas that deal with timely content.

Review post

Center your content around the review of a product, event, or anything else you have access to while it is newsworthy and relevant to both your industry and target audience. For best results, rather than paint everything in a positive light, be as honest as possible in your review.

Survey post

To create a survey post, choose an interesting or trending topic and survey your audience about it using email, social media, or in-person events. Then pull the results together into a blog post.

News post

Same as a news outlet, you can create content on your blog about events as they happen. Although you don’t need to “break” the story, for best results, be sure to add a perspective that your audience will find valuable or entertaining.

Trend post

Some content creators can predict trends as they happen. If you’re a trendspotter, create posts on your blog that ride that trend as it becomes popular.

Issue post

Choose issues that affect your audience and create content about these issues while they are timely and relevant to your readers.