Collaboration Tools for Social CRM - dummies

Collaboration Tools for Social CRM

By Kyle Lacy, Stephanie Diamond, Jon Ferrara

If an organization doesn’t have a social CRM system, employees can still find online tools that will help them collaborate effectively. There are hundreds of new collaboration tools available that can help salespeople work effectively as a team.

  • Meetings:

    Google+ Hangouts: This is Google’s free entry into the online meeting market, and it’s directly tied to your Google+ circles.

    Any Meeting: This company has free and fee-based solutions for all types of meetings, including video.

  • Scheduling:

    Genbook: This is a fee-based application that assists with business scheduling.

    Doodle: This company provides scheduling services.


  • Document sharing:

    Dropbox: This very popular free application allows you to store and share documents.

    ShowDocument: This service offers both free and fee-based products that allow you to share your documents and hold a variety of different meeting types to review them as a team.

  • Project management:

    GanttProject: This free application allows you to plan projects using a Gantt-style chart, helps you show how each item on the chart relates to the others and what must be done to complete each phase before moving to the next.

    Freedcamp: Several major enterprises use this free project management application because of its robust features at no cost.


  • Brainstorming:

    Wridea: With this free application you can expand your ideas and share them in several different ways.

    MindMeister: You can create mind maps and share them with others with this free mind-mapping application. A mind map is a brainstorming tool that helps you develop your ideas without having to work in an outline. You can put ideas down as they occur to you. Then you can see what patterns emerge. The resulting map shows you both the details and the big picture all on the same screen.

  • Whiteboarding and design collaboration:

    ConceptShare: This tool allows teams to get together to mark up their graphics in real time.

    Twiddla: With this free, fun tool, you and your team can surf together and mark up graphics as needed.