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Tips to Practice Cultural Intelligence When Leading a Virtual Team

By Dummies Press

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Practicing mindfulness and sensitivity when working on a multicultural virtual team allows you to recognize cultural nuances, remain flexible in the moment, and generate an overall atmosphere of willingness to understand other’s values, beliefs, and needs. Additionally, developing your cultural intelligence (CQ) offers incredible personal and professional benefits that may include

  • Performance improvement: Culturally diverse teams that focus on discovering how to work together effectively and practice CQ consistently outperform homogenous teams.
  • Salary increases: When team members have high levels of CQ, they’re more valuable on a global team and have the potential to impact their career financially.
  • Global opportunities: Global companies are always looking for those standout team members who may be a good fit to work on different teams, launch new business lines in another country, or lead their next global team. CQ gives you a competitive advantage.
  • Accomplishment of company goals: Culturally diverse teams that have team members with high levels of CQ consistently accomplish global goals.
  • Improved work satisfaction: Being a member of a culturally diverse virtual team is more innovative, interesting, and dynamic and creates learning opportunities that involve people and cultures that can be extremely satisfying.
  • Expansion of your worldview: By focusing on CQ, you can expand your viewpoints, perspectives, and beliefs about cultures and people from around the world.
  • Deeper appreciation for diversity: Developing your CQ improves your communication skills, relationship-building skills, and ability to manage conflict in a diverse team culture. It helps you appreciate, enjoy, and love the face that you work on a diverse team.