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Social Collaboration: What to Post to an Activity Stream

By David F. Carr

For social collaboration to be useful, status posts cannot focus as much on entertainment and idle chatter as they do on Facebook or Twitter. An occasional, tasteful joke that brightens someone’s day can be fine, but most posts ought to be about getting work done or brainstorming ideas for making the company and its products better.

Regardless of the social collaboration platform, in the status update text box, you simply type your message and then click the appropriate button (Update in Yammer; Post in Jive). Your status then appears in the activity stream of everyone in that network. Useful post types include

  • Basic: Here is what Im working on. Broadcasting this information opens the possibility of connecting with others working on something complementary, or perhaps preventing duplication of effort.

  • Progress: I just finished the preliminary sketches and will be sharing with the team at Fridays meeting. Keep other project team members informed of your progress and allow managers to monitor it from a distance.

  • Question: Has anyone in marketing worked with Xenon? Any advice on how to approach the company for a partnership deal? Asking questions is not only a great way of encouraging engagement in social collaboration, but often it produces answers not gotten any other way — along with introductions to people who can answer further questions you may have on related topics.

  • Company news: The Xenon partnership deal was signed on Friday. Great work everyone! Celebrate achievement in a way that allows everyone to comment back with reactions.

  • Announcement: The Newark office will be closed Friday as well as Monday for the Labor Day weekend. Share basic information and reminders.

Before you make a post to the company-wide stream, consider carefully whether it really should be made to a more focused audience, such as a group associated with a project, department, or professional specialty.