Working Styles of Customer Service - dummies

Working Styles of Customer Service

Part of Customer Service For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Your working style describes how you generally approach and deal with people and work situations. Study these four primary working styles to better understand your customers and co-workers:

  • Driven: This person focuses on bottom line results and wants tasks done how they want them done, when they want them done, and with as few errors as possible.

  • Analytical: This person wants to know the facts, is less interested in a co-worker’s feelings, and looks at the world through a veil of logic and details.

  • Expressive: This person is enthusiastic and fun-loving, likes to be around people, and puts into motion the ideas they like now and worries about details later.

  • Amiable: To this person, feelings are more important than tasks. They take time to decide and don’t like to be pressured. They’re usually on the quiet side.