Salesforce: How to Update Lead Fields - dummies

Salesforce: How to Update Lead Fields

By Tom Wong, Liz Kao, Matt Kaufman

Loosely defined, a lead is a person or a company that might be interested in your services. Some organizations refer to them as visitors because those persons haven’t shared any information about themselves yet. Others call them prospects because a lead has to be someone who has expressed interest in your service.

In the course of your lead qualification, you inevitably collect pertinent information that you want to save directly on the lead record. Every time you capture important data on your lead, update your lead record by doing the following:

  1. Double-click a field on the lead record to modify that field.

    If you see a padlock icon in that field, you can’t modify it. Check with your system administrator to find out whether he specifically locked this field, or whether it’s one of those important system fields that Salesforce doesn’t allow anyone to change.

  2. Complete the fields, as necessary, to determine whether the lead is qualified.

  3. Update the Lead Status field when you make progress.

    Even if you discover that the lead is a waste of your time, that’s progress.

  4. Click Save when you’re done making changes.

At some point, you might decide that a lead can’t become a qualified opportunity at this time. In that case, you can archive the lead by changing its status. Archiving inactive leads allows you to get a sense of how many leads are still being worked.