Salesforce: Actions with Account Related Lists - dummies

Salesforce: Actions with Account Related Lists

By Tom Wong, Liz Kao, Matt Kaufman

Fields on a Salesforce account record are useful for storing important data specific to a company. But where do you go to capture all the critical interactions and relationships when you’re working an account? To keep track of these details, use the related lists located on the Account detail page.

Many of the actions on account related lists are common to other modules. For example, major modules, such as Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, and Cases, all have related lists for Open Activities, Activity History, and Notes & Attachments.

Defining contact roles

Many sales reps do a great job of collecting business cards for contacts within an account, but this action alone doesn’t get them closer to a sale. Contacts and their titles often don’t tell the whole story about decision makers and the chain of command within an account. To use contact roles in Salesforce, your administrator must proactively reveal this related list on the account record.

Displaying an account’s opportunities

Over the course of managing an account, you’ll hopefully uncover specific opportunities to sell that company your products or services. You can use the Opportunity related list to quickly perform the following tasks:

  • Stay aware of all open opportunities that you and your team are pursuing on an account.

  • Add new opportunities and link them automatically to the account.

  • Edit and delete opportunity records with a single click.

  • Gauge the progress of an account by quickly seeing all open and closed opportunities at their various sales stages and amounts.

Viewing cases

Account health is much more than measuring the growth of sales for a customer. After selling, sales reps want to stay informed of customer service issues so that they can continue to keep their customers satisfied, resolve issues early, receive warnings about potential landmines, and track potential upsell opportunities. Use the Cases related list to view all the open and closed customer service cases that relate to an account.

If your company relies on a channel sales team to manage partners, distribute leads, and bring in revenue, consider using Salesforce Communities, which is available in Enterprise and Performance Editions for an extra charge. This partner relationship management (PRM) application gets your partners on board with using Salesforce to manage all the details of their activities with your company and your joint deals.