Noting 10 Things to Do and Not Do - dummies

Noting 10 Things to Do and Not Do

By Anna Kennedy

Part of Business Development For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Sometimes you make exactly the right moves and sometimes you misstep. The following are a selection of tips for doing the former and avoiding the latter:

  • DO call back when a prospect calls your company. You’d be amazed how often people don’t follow up.

  • DO keep your promises to your prospects and customers. When you do what you say you’ll do by the time you said you’d do it, they start to trust you – and that’s a rare quality.

  • DON’T over-promise and under-deliver. Customers hate that.

  • DO less of the talking and more of the listening in any meeting with a customer. You can find out a lot.

  • DON’T be heavy-handed with the selling. Customers buy services from people they like, not sleazy sales jerks.

  • DO price your services for a win-win. Know where to draw the line on discounting, otherwise you never make any money.

  • DO be willing to walk away from a customer. If this customer is not a fit for you, can’t afford you or may not pay, politely back off.

  • DO take care of your business reputation. Be clear about what you do and don’t do, who you’ll work with and won’t, what your values are and what you won’t tolerate. You’ll be surprised how quickly that positive, confident approach spreads.

  • DO thank people who helped you or gave you time to tell them about your business. Send small gifts or a thank-you card to people who introduce you to a new customer.

  • DO give away business that isn’t quite a fit for you. Find good referral partners and send leads to them. Whether you get a cut or not, what goes around comes around.