Living a Day in the Life of a Bookkeeper - dummies

By Jane E. Kelly

So you’ve decided that you want to become a bookkeeper. What sort of jobs do you think that you’ll be doing? If you’re employed by a company, then you’ll probably start your day by opening the post to see if you’ve received any cheques from customers or perhaps some purchase invoices from suppliers. You’ll need to prepare the paying-in slips/banking paperwork for any cheques arrive.

You may well need to raise sales invoices. These, you’ll need sending to customers, whether by post or email. You’ll then need to post both sales and purchase invoices onto the accounting system, so that you record both the assets and the liabilities.

Depending on where you are in the month, you can download the latest bank statements and reconcile the bank accounts up to date. If you’re at the end of the month, once you have reconciled the bank accounts you can prepare the Aged Debtors report which will the enable you to chase the debts for and bring some cash into the business.

Now it’s time for a well-earned cup of tea!

Later on in the day, you may well need to resolve some accounts queries via the telephone. You may also need to pay suppliers, and therefore you’ll have to raise cheques and ask the owner/manager to authorise and sign those payments.

Before you go home that night, you may need to post several customer statements, as well as some of the supplier cheques that you raised earlier in the day (that’s assuming that you haven’t already set up automatic bank payments for them).

In order to keep track of where you are, it is often useful to keep a checklist of all the jobs that you have completed for that specific months accounts. Ensuring that you’ve taken a secure backup of your accounting data is essential. This way, you always have a copy of the data that you can restore in the event of any problems with data corruption.

Now it really is time to go home!