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One of the secrets of effective stress management at work is finding ways to incorporate a variety of stress-reduction techniques into your workday. By using these methods on a regular basis you can catch your stress early — before it has a chance to turn into something painful or worrisome.

Take a look at these surefire strategies to help you nip that stress in the bud:

Cut muscle tension off at the pass

A day at work is usually a day filled with problems, pressures, and demands, with little time to think about your newfound relaxation skills. Your stress builds, and much of that stress takes the form of tension in your muscles.

Drain that tension before it becomes more of a problem. This may include trying some relaxed breathing, rapid relaxation, differential relaxation, meditation, imagery, or one of the many other relaxation techniques. Some potential relaxation opportunities include the following:

  • When you finish a phone call

  • When someone leaves your office and closes the door

  • When you find yourself in a boring meeting

Walk for stress relief

Get up and walk away from your desk — get some coffee or water, or make copies. Walk around a lot, and at lunch be sure to get out of the office and take a quick stroll.

Stand up when you’re on the telephone — or, at least some of the time you’re on the phone. Walk around. This gives your body a chance to use different sets of muscles and interrupts any buildup of tension.

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