Moving Between Vocal Registers - dummies

By Pamelia S. Phillips

When you have mastered the specific areas of your singing voice, you’ll want the challenge of moving between registers to improve your technique even more. The patterns just ahead move faster, involve larger intervals, and require you to quickly make smooth transitions between registers as you move up and down your range.

If the patterns are too high for you right now, wait until you’re more comfortable singing high notes. Listen to them and get used to all the notes so you’re ready to sing them when your voice can handle the higher notes. Make sure that you keep practicing, because you want to be able to sing the higher notes and not just avoid them.

The following pattern starts on the top note and keeps returning to that top note. Always sing the higher notes in this pattern in head voice. Remember to maintain a steady larynx as you ascend to the higher notes. You also need a steady airflow to make it all the way through the pattern.

If you’re having trouble singing from start to finish, use your lip trill or tongue trill to work on your breath and then go back and sing the pattern on the vowels.


The next pattern ascends over an octave, which gives you a wonderful opportunity to move among chest voice, middle voice, and head voice. As you ascend, take care in making the transitions between the registers. To make the transitions into head voice, you want to allow the resonance to rise higher as you ascend. You can also drop down an octave if this pattern is too high for your voice.