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Troubleshooting JavaScript

Part of JavaScript For Dummies Cheat Sheet

JavaScript is a wonderful tool to use to create interesting and interactive Web pages, but every once in a while nothing works and you have no idea where to start to get things moving again. Not to worry; take a look at the following list for hints on what to do to get back on track (try them in this order):

  • Is your Web browser installed and configured correctly, including your communications stuff?

  • Is JavaScript enabled?

    From Navigator: Choose Edit→Preferences→Advanced→Scripts & Plugins and select the Enable JavaScript For Navigator check box.

    From Internet Explorer:

    • Choose Tools→Internet Options and click the Security tab

    • Click the Custom Level button

    • Scroll down until the Scripting category appears

    • Select the Enable radio button for these options: Active Scripting; Allow Paste Operations Via Script; and Scripting of Java Applets

  • Are all your JavaScript statements between <SCRIPT> and </SCRIPT> tags (except JavaScript statements attached to event handlers, which don’t have to be)?

  • Does your HTML file work as it should by itself if you delete your JavaScript statements?

  • Do the names of your JavaScript variables all start with an alphabetic character (or an underscore)?