Tricks for the GMAT Analytical Writing Assessment

By Lisa Zimmer Hatch, Scott A. Hatch

Part of GMAT For Dummies Cheat Sheet

The first section of the GMAT requires you to type an original analytical writing sample. To make the most of your essay, follow these recommendations:

  • Choose your thesis immediately. There’s no right answer to the question prompt, so don’t waste time trying to find it.

  • Spend at least two to five minutes constructing a quick outline of your ideas. Make sure you have a general thesis for the essay and a topic statement for each paragraph.

  • Include an introductory paragraph, at least two or three supporting paragraphs, and a conclusion.

  • Get specific with your supporting evidence. Draw from your own experience or knowledge. It’s okay to get personal.

  • Leave a couple of minutes at the end to read through your essay and correct any glaring errors.