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World Poverty for Dummies (0731406990) cover image

World Poverty for Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-7314-0699-9
416 pages
December 2008
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Other Available Formats: E-book


Part I: For Richer or Poorer.

Chapter 1. Rich World, Poor World.

Chapter 2. What's Wrong With Being Poor?

Chapter 3. The Geography of Poverty.

Chapter 4. So You Want to Make a Difference?

Part II: Poverty's Building Blocks.

Chapter 5. Shadows of the Past.

Chapter 6. Conflict and Disaster.

Chapter 7. The Cult of Bribery, Corruption and Theft.

Part III: Poverty Under the Microscope.

Chapter 8. Women: The World's Poor.

Chapter 9. Hunger and Thirst.

Chapter 10. The Foundations of Learning.

Chapter 11. Livelihoods Lost.

Chapter 12. Getting Sicker, Dying Younger.

Part IV: Poverty's Outlook.

Chapter 13. Migration and Human Trafficking.

Chapter 14. Creating a Planet of Slums.

Chapter 15. Climate Chaos and World Poverty.

Part V: Economics and Levers of Change.

Chapter 16. Scrambling for Global Resources.

Chapter 17. Harnessing the Might of Money.

Chapter 18. Delivering Aid That Works.

Chapter 19. The Lie of the Level Playing Field: World Trade.

Chapter 20. Escaping the Vortex of Debt.

Part VI: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 21. Ten Most Exciting Stories of Change.

Chapter 22. Ten Plus Hazards on the Horizon.

Chapter 23. Ten Informative and Inspiring Movies.

Chapter 24. Ten Actions You Can Take.


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