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Understanding Your Dog For Dummies (1118052765) cover image

Understanding Your Dog For Dummies

ISBN: 978-1-118-05276-1
288 pages
February 2011
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Part I: The Fascinating World of Dogs.

Chapter 1: A Dog for Life: Dog Psychology 101.

Chapter 2: Understanding Your Dog.

Chapter 3: Communicating with Your Dog.

Chapter 4: Seeing Life from Your Dog’s Perspective.

Part II: Embracing Your Dog’s Identity.

Chapter 5: Identifying Your Dog’s Individuality.

Chapter 6: Interpreting Your Dog’s Breed-Specific Traits.

Chapter 7: Sensory Perceptions.

Chapter 8: Meeting the Needs of Your Growing Puppy.

Chapter 9: Reading and Communicating as Your Dog Ages.

Part III: Doggie Delinquency.

Chapter 10: Inspiring Behavior with Motivational Techniques.

Chapter 11: Helping Your Dog Learn from Everyday Living.

Chapter 12: Happy Training, Happy Tails.

Part IV: Dogs Don’t Misbehave: Misperceptions and Solutions.

Chapter 13: Addressing and Solving Problem Behavior.

Chapter 14: Countering Anxiety-Based Behavior.

Chapter 15: Understanding and Resolving Aggressive Behavior.

Part V: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 16: Ten Forms of Silent Communication.

Chapter 17: Ten Common Misunderstandings.

Chapter 18: Ten Ways to Become Your Dog’s Leader.


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