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The Big Book of SuDoku For Dummies (0470105380) cover image

The Big Book of SuDoku For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-470-10538-2
504 pages
September 2006
US $18.99 Add to Cart

Solving the First Puzzle.

About This Book.

Part I: Sudoku Strategy.

Chapter 1: Simplifying Sudoku.

Understanding the Rules.

Getting Down to Basics.

Taking the puzzle in pieces.

Looking at the (slightly) bigger picture.

Solving for the second number.

Cracking open the first box.

Using your clues.

Taking Sudoku Up a Notch.

Singling Out Lone Numbers.

Serious Sudoku Solving.

Getting Rid of Extraneous Options.

Sudoku on Steroids.

Taking On the Target: Sudoku in the Round.

Part II: Sudoku Puzzlemania.


Easy Does It.

Getting Tricky.

Tough Nuts to Crack.

Diabolically Difficult.

Truly Treacherous.

Target Sudoku.

Part III: The Answer to Your Problems.


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