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Office XP For Dummies (076450830X) cover image

Office XP For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-7645-0830-1
408 pages
May 2001
US $21.99 Add to Cart
Microsoft Office XP consists of several programs: a word processor (Word 2002), a spreadsheet program (Excel 2002), a presentation graphics program (PowerPoint 2002), a personal information organizer and e-mail client (Outlook 2002), and a database program (Access 2002). And depending on the version of Office XP that you get, you may have bonus programs that include a Web-page design and management application (FrontPage 2002).

Having so many programs at your disposal can be very intimidating, especially for the beginning user. Which program do you use for which task? How can you get information from one program into another? Which programs do you really need, and which ones can you safely ignore? Your questions will abound and confound!

Office XP For Dummies answers all these questions and more – in easy-to-understand terms and without all that computer-geek gibberish. It gently explains the basics for each program so that you can start using them right way. Here are a few of the topics covered in Office XP For Dummies:

  • Getting acquainted with the Office XP interface
  • Using Word to create reports and other fancy documents
  • Setting up spreadsheets in Excel to help you in your business
  • Creating slideshow presentations in PowerPoint
  • Managing your e-mail, calendar, and contact information in Outlook
  • Developing easy-to-use databases
  • Designing awesome Web pages quickly and hassle-free

For beginners, Office XP For Dummies is the perfect overview of the entire Office XP suite; for more advanced users, it contains many tips and tricks to make using all these different programs a breeze.

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