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KenKen For Dummies (0470616563) cover image

KenKen For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-470-61656-7
312 pages
August 2010
US $9.99 Add to Cart
Your fun guide to the latest brain-teasing puzzle sensation

Originally developed by a Japanese math teacher, Tetsuya Miyamoto, KenKen is the world's newest and most addictive puzzle phenomenon. The "successor of Sudoku," KenKen For Dummies is a great way for enthusiasts to tackle more than 200 easy to treacherous logic puzzles and exercise their brains at the same time. This guide takes the mystery out of the puzzles, offering strategies for solving them with ease.

  • Learn to use all four mathematic operations to tackle these mind bending puzzles with the aid of step-by-step information, strategies, and advice, along with solutions
  • Helps you find the most effective way to solve each KenKen puzzle
  • Perfect for the puzzle enthusiast and makes a great gift

In addition to lots of space for solving these addictive puzzles, KenKen For Dummies also offers helpful tips so any reader can become a puzzle master!

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