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Houseplants For Dummies (0764551027) cover image

Houseplants For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-7645-5102-4
392 pages
August 1998
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PART I: The Root of the Matter: Houseplant Basics.

Chapter 1: A Houseplant Primer (Or What Makes a Plant a Houseplant).

Chapter 2: Analyzing Your Growth Potential.

Chapter 3: A Guide for the Smart Houseplant Shopper.

PART II: Houseplant Profiles from A to Z.

Chapter 4: (Usually) Green, Leafy, and Built for Beginners: Foliage Plants.

Chapter 5: For the Budding Indoor Gardener: Flowering Houseplants.

Chapter 6: In the Thick of Things: Cacti and Other Succulents.

Chapter 7: A Touch of the Exotic: Specialty Plants.

PART III: Growing Essentials.

Chapter 8: Lighting Up Your Plant's Life.

Chapter 9: Water, Water Everywhere.

Chapter 10: Something in the Air: Humidity and Circulation.

Chapter 11: Do Not Feed the Plants: The Rules of Fertilizing.

Chapter 12: The Heat Is On: Temperature and Growing Cycles.

Chapter 13: The Real Dirt on Mixes and Potting.

PART IV: Potted Plant Maintenance.

Chapter 14: Preparing Plants for the Domestic Life.

Chapter 15: Cleaning, Pruning, and Staking.

Chapter 16: Multiplication and Division: Propagating Houseplants.

Chapter 17: Conquering Houseplant Pests and Diseases.

PART V: Houseplant Settings.

Chapter 18: Grow Pots, Cachepots, and Terrariums.

Chapter 19: Plant Displays for Every Room in the House.

Chapter 20: The Greenhouse Effect: Building Your Own Controlled Climate.

PART VI: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 21: Ten Ways to Water Your Plants When You're Not at Home.

Chapter 22: Dispelling Ten Common Myths about Houseplants.

Appendix A: Key to Plant Profile Descriptions.

Appendix B: Sources for Houseplants and Indoor Gardening Supplies.


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