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Horse Health and Nutrition For Dummies (1118052323) cover image

Horse Health and Nutrition For Dummies

ISBN: 978-1-118-05232-7
388 pages
February 2011
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Part I: Honing Basic Horse Care Skills.

Chapter 1: Taking on Your Horse’s Health.

Chapter 2: Sizing Up a Healthy Horse.

Chapter 3: Connecting Your Horse’s Behavior to Health.

Chapter 4: Getting Up to Speed on Routine Care.

Chapter 5: Exercising for Health.

Part II: Good Eats: Nutrition and Feeding.

Chapter 6: The Building Blocks of Good Nutrition.

Chapter 7: Your Hungry Horse: Feeding Fundamentals.

Chapter 8: Special Considerations for Your Horse’s Diet.

Chapter 9: Growing Your Own Food.

Part III: Recognizing and Treating Illnesses.

Chapter 10: Introducing the Anatomy of a Horse.

Chapter 11: Tackling Common Ailments.

Chapter 12: Fighting Infectious Diseases.

Chapter 13: Staying Prepared with Equine First Aid.

Chapter 14: Checking Out Complementary and Alternative Therapies.

Part IV: Horse Care for All Stages of Life.

Chapter 15: Breeding Your Horse.

Chapter 16: Caring for the Newborn.

Chapter 17: Helping Your Horse Age Gracefully.

Chapter 18: Reaching the End of Your Horse’s Life.

Part V: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 19: Ten Signs of Horse Illness.

Chapter 20: Ten Ways to Keep Your Horse Healthy.

Appendix: Resources for Horse Care.


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