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Geography For Dummies (111806867X) cover image

Geography For Dummies

ISBN: 978-1-118-06867-0
386 pages
May 2011
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Part I: Getting Grounded: The Geographic Basics.

Chapter 1: Geography: Understanding a World of Difference.

Chapter 2: Thinking Like a Geographer.

Chapter 3: Grid and Bear It.

Chapter 4: Maps That Lie Flat Lie!

Chapter 5: Getting the Message of Maps.

Part II: Getting Physical: Land, Water, and Air.

Chapter 6: Taking Shape: The Land We Live On.

Chapter 7: Giving Earth a Facelift.

Chapter 8: Water, Water Everywhere.

Chapter 9: Warming Up and Chilling Out: Why Climates Happen.Chapter 10: From Rainforests to Ice Caps: The Geography of Climates.

Part III: Peopling the Planet.

Chapter 11: Nobody Here but Us Six Billion.

Chapter 12: Shift Happens: Migration.

Chapter 13: Culture: The Spice of Life and Place.

Chapter 14: Where Do You Draw the Line?

Part IV: Putting the Planet to Use.

Chapter 15: Getting Down to Business.

Chapter 16: An Appetite for Resources.

Chapter 17: CBD to Suburbia: Urban Geography.

Chapter 18: Impacts on the Environment.

Part V: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 19: Ten Organizations for Geographic Information.

Chapter 20: Ten Interesting Geographical Occupations.

Chapter 21: Ten Things You Can Forget.

Chapter 22: Ten Great Geographical Web Sites.


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