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French Phrases For Dummies (0764572024) cover image

French Phrases For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-7645-7202-9
216 pages
July 2004
US $9.99 Add to Cart

Chapter 1: I Say It How? Speaking French.

Chapter 2: Grammar on a Diet: Just the Basics.

Chapter 3: Numerical Gumbo: Counting of All Kinds.

Chapter 4: Making New Friends and Enjoying Small Talk.

Chapter 5: Enjoying a Drink and a Snack (or Meal!).

Chapter 6: Shop ’Til You Drop!

Chapter 7: Making Leisure a Top Priority.

Chapter 9: I Get Around: Transportation.

Chapter 10: Laying Down Your Weary Head: House or Hotel.

Chapter 11: Dealing with Emergencies.

Chapter 12: Ten Favorite Expressions.

Chapter 13: Ten Phrases That Make You Sound French.


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