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Types of Styles in Word 2007

By Dan Gookin

There are five different types of styles in Word 2007 — paragraph, character, linked, table, and list — and each of them serves a different purpose.

  • Paragraph: The paragraph style contains any formatting: paragraphs, indents, tabs, font, text size, attributes — you name it. The paragraph style can format all the standard paragraph or character formats, part of both, or just one aspect of either.


  • Character: The character style formats only characters, not paragraphs. Any formatting can be stuffed into a character style.


  • Linked: The linked style is a combination style that can be applied to both paragraphs and individual characters. The difference depends on which text is selected when you apply the style.


  • Table: The table style is applied to tables, to add lines and shading to the table cells’ contents.


  • List: The list style is customized for presenting lists of information. The styles can include bullets, numbers, indentation, and other formats typical for the parts of a document that present lists.

The icons for the different types of styles help you to differentiate between them in places like the Styles task pane.