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By Faithe Wempen

Part of Office 2007 For Seniors For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Whether you’re a senior, a junior, or somewhere in between, saving time while word-processing in Office 2007 is a must. These Microsoft Word shortcuts for your keyboard or mouse get office work done quickly:

To Do This With the Mouse With the Keyboard
Insert page break Insert→Pages→Page Break Ctrl+Enter
Show/hide non-printing symbols Home→Font→ Ctrl+*
Clear formatting Home→Font→Clear Formatting Ctrl+spacebar
Set page margins Page Layout→Page Setup→Margins Alt+P, M
Number pages Insert→Header & Footer→Page Number Alt+N, N, U
Indent a paragraph (all lines). Home→Paragraph→Increase Indent Alt+H, A, I
Indent paragraph (first line only) n/a Tab (at beginning of paragraph)