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Outlook 2013 Keyboard Shortcuts and Hotkeys

By Bill Dyszel

Part of Outlook 2013 For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Outlook 2013 offers keyboard shortcuts and hotkeys so you can manage e-mail, appointments, calendars, and contacts. The shortcuts in Outlook 2013 help you make appointments, distribution lists, and e-mails. Hotkeys help you use the Save As and spell check commands. You also can switch to Tasks, Notes, a folder list, and more.

This Shortcut . . . . . . Does This
Ctrl+Shift+A Makes an appointment
Ctrl+Shift+C Makes a contact
Ctrl+Shift+L Makes a distribution list
Ctrl+Shift+E Makes a folder
Ctrl+Shift+M Makes an e-mail message
Ctrl+Shift+N Makes a note
Ctrl+Shift+K Makes a task
Ctrl+Shift+Q Makes a meeting request
Ctrl+1 Switches to Mail
Ctrl+2 Switches to Calendar
Ctrl+3 Switches to Contacts
Ctrl+4 Switches to Tasks
Ctrl+5 Switches to Notes
Ctrl+6 Switches to folder list
Ctrl+7 Switches to Shortcuts
Ctrl+8 Switches to Journal
Ctrl+S or Shift+F12 Saves
Alt+S Saves, closes, and sends
F12 Saves as
Ctrl+Z Undoes
Ctrl+D Deletes
Ctrl+P Prints
F7 Checks spelling
Ctrl+Shift+V Moves to folder
Ins Marks complete
Ctrl+F Forwards