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Filtering an Excel 2007 Pivot Chart

By Greg Harvey

Just as you can filter an Excel 2007 pivot table to display a subset of data, you also can use the PivotChart Filter pane to filter a pivot chart so that it shows just the information you want it to show.

When you graph the data in an pivot table using a typical chart type, such as column, bar, or line chart that uses both an x– and y-axis, the Row labels in the pivot table appear along the x– or category-axis at the bottom of the chart, and the Column labels in the pivot table become the data series that are delineated in the chart’s legend. The numbers in the Values field are represented on the y– or value-axis that goes up the left side of the chart.

You can use the drop-down lists in the PivotChart Filter Pane to filter the charted data like you do the values in the pivot table. As with the pivot table, remove the check mark from (Select All) or (All) option and then add a check mark to each of the fields you still want represented in the filtered pivot chart.

Click the following drop-down buttons in the PivotChart Filter Pane to filter a different part of the pivot chart:

  • Axis Fields (Categories) to filter the categories that are charted along the x-axis at the bottom of the chart.

  • Legend Fields (Series) to filter the data series shown in columns bars, or lines in the chart body and identified by the chart legend.

  • Report Filter to filter the values charted along the y-axis on the left side of the chart.