How to Add Spotify Apps

By Kim Gilmour

Spotify Apps were unleashed to the world in December 2011. Anyone with an active Spotify account is automatically upgraded to the latest version once they restart Spotify.

Now, there’s a new Apps section on the left-sidebar. Under this are a couple of default Apps, which have already been added for you (you can’t remove these):

  • Top Lists: This feature, which tells you what the hottest albums and tracks people are listening to around the world and at home, used to be accessible under the What’s New section but has now been given a prime spot in the left sidebar.

  • Radio: This completely relaunched app lets you type in your favorite artist and listen to similar-sounding music. You can create “channels” based on certain artists, and skip songs you don’t like.

You add individual Spotify Apps to your sidebar in order to bookmark them for easy access. Under the Apps section in the left sidebar, just click the App Finder option to bring up a list of existing apps in the main window.

If you already know you want the app, click the Add button next to the App you want. To check out an app before you add it, just click its name to launch it in the main window. If you like how it sounds, click the Add button next to the Add Application to Sidebar prompt at the top.

Once you add an app, it appears on the left-hand sidebar — just click its name to access it.

Spotify Apps are also accessible through web links. For example, someone on Twitter might link to the ShareMyPlaylists app. Going here takes you to a landing page that prompts you to launch the app within Spotify. This doesn’t actually add the app to your sidebar, though. You need to click the Add button next to the Add Application to Sidebar prompt at the top.

If you add an app and later decide it’s not right for you, removing it is no biggie. Just right-click the app in the sidebar and select “Remove App”.

Spotify has no current plans to charge for these apps. Like Facebook Apps, they’re a great way for you to spend more time using Spotify. (For those on a Free plan with time limits, Apps could encourage you to upgrade to a plan with no listening restrictions.)