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Tips to Go from MySpace Newbie to MySpace Pro

Part of MySpace For Dummies Cheat Sheet

It’s tough being a MySpace newcomer with an empty Web page and just one friend while others have fancy pages and thousands of MySpace friends. Take a few steps to make your page tell the world that you’re a MySpace veteran:

  • Get signed up: You need a computer with access to the Internet and an e-mail address.

  • Fill in your profile: Add information to your page that tells a little about yourself.

  • Add a profile photo: Put your smiling face on your MySpace profile page.

  • Add a profile song: Search MySpace for your favorite artist and share a song on your page.

  • Add a profile video: Nothing can tell your story better than a well composed (or slightly goofy) video.

  • Fill up your Friends List: Search for friends and invite them to your profile.

  • Launch your blog: Share a thought with the world or with just a few friends

  • Keep in contact with your friends: Send mail messages to individual friends — or post a bulletin for all your friends to see.

  • Post an event and invite friends: Are you throwing a party or going to a show? Set up an event for the world to see or just for your friends to know about and then send invitations.

  • Customize your page: Dress up your drab MySpace page with colors, images, and text of your choosing.

  • Shore up your security: MySpace’s account settings let you set your profile so it’s viewable only to friends.