Part of LinkedIn For Dummies Cheat Sheet

To make effective use of the functionality and advantages of LinkedIn, stay updated, and enhance your professional life, keep these helpful LinkedIn tips in mind:

  • Start leaving recommendations for first-degree network connections that you feel have earned a great one.

  • Invest a good amount of time upfront to create a great, detailed profile.

  • Spend a small but productive amount of time, on a consistent basis, updating and maintaining your LinkedIn network and profile.

  • Use lots of search terms in an advanced search to find the right person. If you get no results, remove one or two words and try again.

  • Research someone on LinkedIn before meeting him in a job interview or business meeting.

  • Do a reference check on any potential job hires using LinkedIn before you make an offer to candidates.

  • Use LinkedIn’s Publisher platform to write long-form posts and demonstrate your knowledge to the community.

  • Scan through your network updates using the website or the LinkedIn mobile apps to stay current on what your network is doing.

  • Use the LinkedIn Status Update function (Share an Update) to keep your network appraised of your business.