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By Douglas Karr, Chantelle Flannery

Part of Corporate Blogging For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Having additional resources available is always helpful. Anyone creating a blog for the first time can your all the ideas, insight, and tools they can get their hands on. Here is a list of handy resources that have been reliable over the years. Go to any of these resources first with your questions about blogging.

Resource URL
Problogger www.problogger.com
Marketing Technology Blog www.marketingtechblog.com
Marketing Pilgrim www.marketingpilgrim.com
Social Media Explorer www.socialmediaexplorer.com
Copy Blogger www.copyblogger.com
Firebelly Digitalia Blog blog.firebellydigital.com
Hubspot blog.hubspot.com
The Make It Great Guy www.philgerbyshak.com
Liz Strauss www.successful-blog.com
Blog Bloke www.blogbloke.com
Professional Blog Services www.problogservice.com/blog
Roundpeg www.roundpeg.biz/blog
Compendium blogging.compendiumblogware.com
Brandswag www.getbrandswag.com
Chris Brogan www.chrisbrogan.com
Debbie Weil www.debbieweil.com
Buzz Marketing for Technology www.pauldunay.com