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What the EHR Can Do for Your Practice

By Trenor Williams, Anita Samarth

Part of Electronic Health Records For Dummies Cheat Sheet

If you’re wondering what the full electronic health record system (EHR) experience is, here’s a brief look at what you can do with all the necessary recordkeeping, charting, prescribing, and communicating that your clinic or practice goes through each day:

  • Enter and access all patient information directly into one, easy-to-access file.

  • Integrate all major components of clinical practice in both the short-term (why a patient has scheduled a visit) to long-term (figuring out a treatment plan).

  • Prevent errors due to handwriting or miscommunication.

  • Allow approved stakeholders to access patient records, both in-office and remotely.

  • Create a more streamlined workflow.

  • Prescribe drugs without making time-consuming phone calls or managing faxes.

  • Utilize clinical decision support functionality to improve quality and patient safety such as alerts, reminders, documentation templates, clinical guidelines, order sets, patient education materials, patient reporting, and quality dashboards.

  • Prescribe drugs without making time-consuming phone calls or managing faxes.

  • Engage patients in the management of their own care.

  • Create long-term treatment and health management plans for patients.

  • Manage groups of patients.

  • Flag patient files for drug recalls, drug interactions, or helpful follow-up suggestions.

  • Organize communications and messages among everyone in the practice.

  • Integrate with billing and claims data or systems.