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Useful Spanish Words and Phrases for Train Travel

Worried you’ll miss your train because you don’t know the right Spanish travel phrases? Train travel in a Spanish-speaking country is easy with these handy words and phrases.

The following phrases give you some important questions you may need to ask:

  • ¿Dónde está la estación del tren? (dohn-deh ehs-tah lah ehs-tah-seeohn dehl trehn) (Where’s the train station?)

  • Un boleto para La Paz, por favor. (oon bvoh-leh-toh pah-rah lah pahs pohr fah-bvohr) (One ticket for La Paz, please.)

  • ¿A qué hora sale el tren? (ah keh oh-rah sah-leh ehl trehn) (What time does the train leave?)

  • ¿De qué andén sale? (deh keh ahn-dehn sah-leh) (What platform does it leave from?)

These words and phrases can help you understand when the train is coming:

  • a la hora (ah lah oh-rah) (on time)

  • anda atrasado (ahn-dah ah-trah-sah-doh) ([it] is running late)

  • viene adelantado (bveeeh-neh ah-deh-lahn-tah-doh) ([it] is coming early)

  • el horario (ehl oh-rah-reeoh) (the schedule)

  • es temprano (ehs tehm-prah-noh) (it’s early) [time]

  • es tarde (ehs tahr-deh) (it’s late) [time]

  • la tarde (lah tahr-deh) (the afternoon)

Sometimes, the posted schedule isn’t up-to-date and you may need to ask someone about it. Here are some responses you may hear:

  • Hay que esperar, está atrasado. (ahy keh ehs-peh-rahr ehs-tah ah-trah-sah-doh) (One has to wait; it’s late.)

  • El tren llegó adelantado. (ehl trehn yeh-goh ah-deh-lahn-tah-doh) (The train came early.)

  • El tren va adelantado. (ehl trehn bvah ah-deh-lahn-tah-doh) (The train goes early.)

  • El tren va a llegar tarde. (ehl trehn bvah ah yeh-gahr tahr-deh) (The train will arrive late.)

  • El tren viene a la hora. (ehl trehn bveeeh-neh ah lah oh-rah) (The train comes on time.)