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Describing Parts of the Body in Spanish

Getting familiar with Spanish terms for parts of the body now can be helpful should you face a medical emergency while visiting a Spanish-speaking country later on. Fortunately, talking about various parts of your body in Spanish is as simple as memorizing some basic vocabulary. Check out the following sections for words to describe every major body part in Spanish.

Head and Neck Words

Here’s how to describe the parts of your head and neck in Spanish:

  • el ojo (ehl oh-Hoh) (the eye)

  • la boca (bvoh-kah) (the mouth)

  • la lengua (lah lehn-gooah) (the tongue)

  • la oreja (lah oh-reh-Hah) (the ear)

  • la nariz (lah nah-rees) (the nose)

  • el rostro (ehl rohs-troh) (the face)

  • la barba (lah bvahr-bvah) (the beard)

  • el bigote (el bvee-gohthe) (the whiskers; moustache)

  • el cuello (ehl kooeh-yoh) (the neck)

  • las amígdalas (lahs ah-meeg-dah-lahs) (the tonsil)

Torso Words

When you need to describe parts of the body housed in your torso, use these words:

  • el hombro (ehl ohm-broh) (the shoulder)

  • el corazón (ehl koh-rah-sohn) (the heart)

  • el pulmón (el pool-mohn) (the lung)

  • el estómago (ehl ehs-toh-mah-goh) (the stomach)

  • el intestino (ehl een-tehs-tee-noh) (the bowel; intestine; gut)

  • el hígado (ehl ee-gah-doh) (the liver)

  • el riñón (ehl ree-nyohn) (the kidney)

Arm and Hand Words

Use these terms when talking about specific parts of your arms and hands:

  • el brazo (ehl bvrah-soh) (the arm)

  • el antebrazo (ehl ahn-teh-bvrah-soh) (the forearm)

  • la muñeca (lah moo-nyeh-kah) (the wrist)

  • la mano (lah mah-noh) (the hand)

  • el dedo (ehl deh-doh) (the finger)

  • el pulgar (ehl pool-gahr) (the thumb)

  • el dedo índice (ehl deh-doh een-dee-she) (the forefinger)

  • el dedo del medio (ehl deh-doh dehl meh-deeoh) (the middle finger)

  • el dedo anular (ehl deh-doh ah-noo-lahr) (the ring finger)

  • el dedo meñique (ehl deh-doh meh-nyee-keh) (the little finger)

Leg and Foot Words

Turn to these words when you want to describe features of your legs and feet:

  • el muslo (ehl moos-loh) (the thigh)

  • la pierna (lah peeehr-nah) (the leg)

  • el pie (ehl peeeh) (the foot)

  • el dedo del pie (ehl deh-doh dehl peeeh) (the toe)

  • el tobillo (ehl toh-bvee-yoh) (the ankle)

  • la pantorrilla (lah pahn-toh-rree-yah) (the calf)

  • la planta del pie (lah plahn-tah dehl peeeh) (the sole of the foot)