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Your First Run: Starting Slowly but Surely

Whether you're taking the first run of your life, returning to the sport after a long layoff, or coming back from an injury, a great way to get into running and quickly build your mileage is to start with [more…]

Sizing Up Your Running Posture

Running posture is similar to the posture that your mother nagged you about when you were growing up: It's how you hold your back, shoulders, and neck. What position is your back in when you run? To find [more…]

Recovering after Your Marathon Is Over

Although you can't predict how you'll feel after your first marathon, you can plan a few activities that can help you to heal and, perhaps, look forward to your next one. Chances are, right after your [more…]

Picking and Choosing Your Marathon

Selecting your marathon may be simple for you because you want to run the one that your town hosts every year. But remarkably, many marathoners travel across the country [more…]

Getting a Little Help from Your (Running) Friends

If you think you'll have trouble staying motivated to run the mileage required to race a successful marathon — or if you simply find yourself getting bored on your runs — consider finding a training companion [more…]

Converting Miles per Hour to Minutes per Mile

If you use a treadmill as part of your marathon training, you may need a formula to convert miles per hour to minutes per mile. Follow these steps to see how: [more…]

Interpreting Running Times for Marathon Training

When you’re training for a marathon, time takes on a whole new dimension — and vocabulary. From mile splits (the time you run for each mile of a marathon) to [more…]

Translating Marathon and Other Race Lengths

Training for a marathon means training to run 26.2 miles. You may want to run other races, as well, many of which measured in kilometers. Read on to see what all those lengths mean in miles and kilometers [more…]

Marathon Training For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Training for a marathon takes diligence, commitment, endurance — and math skills! If you want to compete in marathons, you need to be able to interpret posted running times, figure out how fast your pace [more…]

How to Set Up Your Triathlon Transition Area

Transitions are an important part of any triathlon, and how well you prepare for them and practice going from swimming to biking to running can help you cut minutes from your overall time. Follow these [more…]

Your Day-Of Triathlon Checklist

The day of your triathlon has arrived! To make sure that you pack everything you need for all three aspects of the event, use the following checklist, which covers the necessities for swimming, biking, [more…]

How to Use Proper Form when Running

To get the most benefit from running, you need to develop a form that is comfortable and efficient for you. Running forms can range from the barely functional plod that resembles a forced march to the [more…]

Shopping for Running Shoes

Choosing your shoes is one of the most important aspects of a running program. Your chances of finding a comfortable, quality pair of running shoes greatly increases if you shop at a running specialty [more…]

Stretches for Runners

Stretching is an important part of a fitness regimen, especially for runners. After putting some mileage on the personal odometer, runners’ muscles tend to become tight and inflexible, especially in certain [more…]

Tips for Improving Your Marathon Running Technique

Having a good form is critical if you run marathons, or you risk injury. Whether you run marathons or just run for fun or fitness, these tips can improve your running form. [more…]

Pacing Guidelines for Marathon Training Workouts

When you train for a marathon, every workout you do has a specific pace associated with it so you gain the most value from it. Use these pacing guidelines for your workouts. [more…]

Tapering Tips for the Marathon

Tapering, which is a reduction in your marathon training, enables you to recover from the training you’ve completed so that you’re fresh and ready to go on race day. Follow these tapering guidelines before [more…]

Making a Marathon Day Checklist

As one coach used to say, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Plan for running a successful marathon with this checklist of things you don’t want to forget on marathon race day: [more…]

Running a Marathon For Dummies Cheat Sheet

To be the best you can at running a marathon, you need to start by making sure you’re running with proper form. When you have your technique down, you can start thinking about training for the marathon [more…]

Ten Things to Do on Marathon Race Day

Beginning with what time you get up to ensuring that you finish the race, there are many things you should definitely do on marathon race day. Following are just ten of the most important. [more…]

Part of the Series: Running Marathons: Four Articles with Information You Need to Know

Running Amok: Ten Common Training Errors

To guide you in your endeavor to run a successful marathon, here are ten of the most common training errors that runners make. Avoid all these errors and not only will you drastically reduce your chance [more…]

Part of the Series: Running Marathons: Four Articles with Information You Need to Know

11 Great Destination Marathons

With marathons all over the world, running a marathon has become a popular vacation activity. What better way to explore new places than to run through them, right? Why run through the streets of your [more…]

Part of the Series: Running Marathons: Four Articles with Information You Need to Know

11 Frequently Asked Questions about Running a Marathon

You’d be surprised how often the same questions about running marathons come up (that must be why they’re referred to as “frequently asked”). Here are eleven of those FAQs along with some answers. [more…]

Part of the Series: Running Marathons: Four Articles with Information You Need to Know

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